Cordoba’s heat

It was summer and we were far from each other. Thinking of each other from two extreme points in Europe. And there we met, in Cordoba, Andalucia.


In the summer the city gets too bright and too warm. The light blinds the tourists and put the locals too sleep but if you are tempted for an afternoon walk, there is a fresh corner of peace where the heat cannot win.

This is the Casa Andalusi where visitors can also enjoy a cup of tea in the Moroccan style Salon de Te’. This place is a vision of what Cordoba may have been in the past, when the Mosque was still doing its original function.


Childhood lighthouse

Some places are not only beautiful but also special. They represent a special moment in our lives.

This lighthouse is located in Bibione, near Venice. It was my mom who took me there for the first time on the summer we went there on holiday.

Giulia, wake up. We are going to watch the sun rise.

The spice seller


Pure concentration, firm hand, holding the breath, the spice seller was preparing for a day of sales. It was early morning and Marrakech was waking up. Most of the shops just opened up, such as the competitor in front. He was a bit late and at the beginning of purple pyramid when he caught my attention: he started yawning.

I could not resist and I started hiding myself at the end of his shop, just where the outdoor tent was finishing and I began to click.

Not much luck was granted to my secret plan. A women started screaming at me in Arabic and I started walking away like nothing happened. I did not turn, but I am sure I was staring at me too while I was doing my walk of shame.

Today, looking at this picture, I cannot avoid to think:

What if he sneezes!

On a sunny day


On a sunny day, this is how Ireland can look like.
This picture was taken in Glenade Lough. The area of Sligo is definitely the best place you can go for a weekend in this amazing green country.

When I came here, a german friend of mine was driving. This post is a way to tell her thank you. Thanks a mill for bringing me here and for making me realise how beautiful Ireland is.


A door in Kolkata


When I was living in India, the addiction started and with it the fascinating thoughts.Doors. Why locking them so much? Are we really so afraid about what is out there?

Doors? What do you keep inside?

Being a EU citizen, I am used to pin codes, and badges and keys and passwords and tokens. But not to locks! Although, when I arrived in India, this is the first thing I was given in the hostel I stayed in Delhi and then it was the welcome gift I was granted when I arrived in Kolkata. Slowly I started realising that in India, a lock means home. What a paradox.

Every time I left my room to go travelling, I was locking it with my huge lock and I was looking at it with the same curiosity as if it was the first time. At home, I was closing my door but I was never “locking” my home. In India this was just a ritual, a symbol of arriving and of leaving, and unlocking it was a sign of being at home.

From thinking about it, to making an effort to not losing my small lock key, this ritual became a photographic interest and, until today I love to take pictures of doors around the world.

Digging in my pictures hard drive, this is the first one I found. A door of Kolkata.