Healthy, Easy, Quick & Good

Eating well, eating good food, keeping healthy and still not making too much effort for it.
This is basically one of today’s society is quite concerned about. Diets go in millions and food is probably the most common topic over the web.

So, let me participate!


Easy and healthy and hassle free!

For the fish: take some good filets of Bacalao, put them in a oven dish and cover them with lime slices, paprika and salt. Put them in the oven, turn it on at 150C and bake it until the lemon is dry.

No effort right? We can cut a lemon.

For the salad: go crazy at the supermarket and but all the funny greens you see. And slice 1/2 of an avocado and a small radish. Dress as you like. Time needed? 2 minutes.

Meanwhile the food cooks, seat, relax and enjoy this blog. 



Chocolate, Pear & Cardamom


I love baking cake and the rebellion side of it: never follow the recipe makes the best cake.
Only problem is that I hardly ever get the chance to enjoy this pleasure since I will never snack on a cake at home. So, normally, I would bake only when I am invited for lunch or dinner.

I bake this cake for a Swedish friend who organised a lovely lunch on his balcony as a way to show his new place.

There is basically no recipe in this cake, just a “pour it all in together and bake it”.

If you want to try, I simply warmed 1 cup of milk with some cardamom seed. Mixes 1/2 sugar & 1/2 cup stevia with 2 egg, then added the milk (Almond milk in this case). Poured in 1 cup cocoa powder and 2 cups flower. Cut 3 pear in slices and press them in. Bake until done. Enjoy cold.

The box


If Forest was Moroccan, he would have said that life is a box of tea cookies and you never know which one your going to get.

If you go to Morocco, this philosophy of life is give to you with a tag saying:

There is no such thing as too much sugar!

This guilt-full box of tea cookies has been my travel companion from Marrakech to Fes and it made the journey a pretty sweet experience.

(P.S. allow me to say it, this was food porn!).