A quiche in Malaga?

Living in Malaga is amazing. The sun, the landscape, the food. But.. there are those days in which you have a craving for a non-Spanish food and it is not as easy to satisfy your desire as it would be in a big metropolitan city such as New York or London.

Here you need to know where to go and when!

What if you get a craving for French food after you have been cycling by the beach? Where to find that French flavour and enjoy a fresh well made quiche?

At the beginning I just accepted the idea that it would just not happen. That Malaga is in the South of Spain and not in the South of France and I just had to live with it but, I was wrong! This city offer some remarkable French food options.

Here is an example for you.


There is no photoshop in this, it really looks this good! Want to have a slice as well?

The secret location is of the most unusual: inside the Alianza Francesa de Malaga, here, in the pure city centre at Calle Beates 36.

If you will have the chance to taste their food, please let me know what you think.


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