A door in Kolkata


When I was living in India, the addiction started and with it the fascinating thoughts.Doors. Why locking them so much? Are we really so afraid about what is out there?

Doors? What do you keep inside?

Being a EU citizen, I am used to pin codes, and badges and keys and passwords and tokens. But not to locks! Although, when I arrived in India, this is the first thing I was given in the hostel I stayed in Delhi and then it was the welcome gift I was granted when I arrived in Kolkata. Slowly I started realising that in India, a lock means home. What a paradox.

Every time I left my room to go travelling, I was locking it with my huge lock and I was looking at it with the same curiosity as if it was the first time. At home, I was closing my door but I was never “locking” my home. In India this was just a ritual, a symbol of arriving and of leaving, and unlocking it was a sign of being at home.

From thinking about it, to making an effort to not losing my small lock key, this ritual became a photographic interest and, until today I love to take pictures of doors around the world.

Digging in my pictures hard drive, this is the first one I found. A door of Kolkata.


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