Chocolate, Pear & Cardamom


I love baking cake and the rebellion side of it: never follow the recipe makes the best cake.
Only problem is that I hardly ever get the chance to enjoy this pleasure since I will never snack on a cake at home. So, normally, I would bake only when I am invited for lunch or dinner.

I bake this cake for a Swedish friend who organised a lovely lunch on his balcony as a way to show his new place.

There is basically no recipe in this cake, just a “pour it all in together and bake it”.

If you want to try, I simply warmed 1 cup of milk with some cardamom seed. Mixes 1/2 sugar & 1/2 cup stevia with 2 egg, then added the milk (Almond milk in this case). Poured in 1 cup cocoa powder and 2 cups flower. Cut 3 pear in slices and press them in. Bake until done. Enjoy cold.


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