The honey of Fes


Zzzzz… bees where flying everywhere and a sweet smell was in the air making all of us crazy. I turned my head on the left and noticed a group of 3 people talking.

A bag on honey was on the table and the scale was still shifting. The conversation was getting intense and the negotiation harder for the seller. I was thinking:

This must be the best honey of Morocco.


So much variety and so many different types of honey that I never even heard of.
This place is a must visit if you want to bring some authentic honey back home from Fez.

In fact, one of the beautiful things about Morocco is that, no matter tourism and emigration, the country preserved a great deal of its traditions and it is still possible to find artisanal products and flavours from a lost time.

Looking at the packaging, I guess you too would have no doubt that this honey was home made.


In case you end up in Fes, look for this place. Here below his icon for you to remember, and an idea of the prices.





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