The scallop shell


Here, in the main square of Brussels (where there is the ATM), on the floor, there is a little golden symbol on the floor. People go get cash, queue, move, walk on it but do not notice its silent presence.

But she did notice it, she new that scallop shell was telling her the way. It was her call, reminding her the way to walk, and asking her to come back again.

The little golden scallop shell is the symbol of the Camino de Santiago.

Many myths will tell you why this is precisely the symbol of the camino, I am not en expert and this is not the topic today. But, just for your own information, many of this shells are spread around Europe and concentrate in the area near Santiago de Compostela where the camino ends. Basically, this shells aim at telling the way to people doing this pilgrimage.
While in the past it was done only by religious people, today it is done for different reasons but it has never lost is spirit and aura.

My friend, who’s boots are in the picture, is one of those who take the challenge to reach Santiago by foot.

Let alone the hardship of this challenges to do the camino (the distance, the heath in Spain, the cost, the few days of holidays we have per year, etc…), she walks a piece of it every year.

Her eyes shine when she talks about it.

This post is to remember that day, in Brussels, when she explained me what that shell was doing and what it meant to her. And to say, I am proud of you!


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