The spices of Delhi


Khari Baoli means sneezing. Its a labyrinth of people and spices, a place where scents make you get lost and where my Italian nose discovered new smells. Once I entered the spice market, time stopped and I started falling in love with the diversity of colours and smells.

By passing trough two shops, via a super tiny alley, I entered the back of the market and found a series of small warehouses where bigger bags where accumulated and each stall was specialised in just one kind of spice. I was the only white person but people where so busy in their business that I was capturing little to no attention.

Probably more than on hour later, I managed to come out of it and I realised I was late for having a tea with friends. So I harshly negotiated with a driver to bring me to my destination where friends were already waiting for me. I came there and one of them warmed me with a hug and the, she sneezed.



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