The Italian verb macerare describes a process of solubilization for which substances are treated at room temperature with a solvent to extract certain components. In simple words, it consists in making something soft by soaking or steeping in a liquid. A down to earth example is putting berries in vodka which makes the berries very soft and the vodka quite tasty.

There is a place in Spain, that made of this process an art. A cocktail bar where this technique has been mastered towards perfection. This place is Macera (here) in Madrid.
There is much I could say about this place but the most important thing I would like to stress is: if you are a cocktail lover, this place deserves you to pay a visit.

A part from berries, there was something else getting macerated in the Taller Bar. Friendship.

We were four the day I discovered this magic place.
Coming from different parts of Europe for a weekend, we had a lot to catch up and some good cocktails were exactly what we needed to perform a friendship macerate. While the cocktails were doing the job of the solvent, all the meaningful things we had to share were been extracted one by one from us, leaving us more and more soft.


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