In Bangkok, Thailand there is a sort of wonderland along the river that gives its best at night. It’s a wholesale fresh night market and a labyrinth. They call it Pak Khlong Talat or Flower Market.

At the time of my visit, I was about to move to Kolkata, India and I read about the wonderful flower market taking place at sunrise on the Ganga. Thailand was a short vacation before going to West Bengal for a semester and the temptation to go visit the Flower Market of Bangkok was irresistible.

To find it, I first went to Saranrom Park and headed south, took a left on Phra Phithak and a right in Ban Mo. I was having a bear while walking with a great friend from Singapore and we were laughing about each other like you can do only with a few.

Then I saw the white and transparent bags piling up and calling for me.

The whole place was asking me to get lost into it and to check out all the unexpected things I could find there. The magic kingdom for someone travelling to Asia for the first time and falling in love with it. The playground of photography lovers and the best place of Bangkok.

I probably spent a couple hours buying cheap beers and rooming around, playing with kids awaken in the middle of the night, glazing at people sleeping among the their goods, looking at women doing flower decorations with leaves, getting disgusted at rotten pork in baskets and taking pictures of everything.

I was hiding fast in the little alleys of the market and my Singaporean friend was having a hard time finding me. I could hear his voice asking for the “farang” to the locals who would direct him to me, the white european.

He finally managed to stop my wondering and we soon realised we were both drunk on cheap Tiger and on life. We left that place with a bag full of memories and continued our walk leaving behind some good laughs.

The last picture I took was this, Chillies.
A memory of the best night I had in Bangkok.

More or less here



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